p r e s e r v e . o l y m p i a


If you’d like to help the Olympia but feel that there’s not much you can do, you are mistaken.

Advocacy is a major factor in historic preservation. If the Olympia is to be saved, people need to know about her situation. This can be done via face-to-face conversations, letter writing, email, social media, even gift giving. Advocacy is primarily an investment of time, not money. If you’ve got time, you can advocate.

In the current situation, the Olympia will not be receiving federal funding. This can be changed by Congress. The USS Constitution and the Olympia have both benefited in the past by having congressional champions. Are your congressional representatives aware of the risk to this historic national landmark? If not, advocate!

Advocacy does not need to be expensive, even though it is sometimes helpful to have physical reminders. Preserve.olympia is making available a few inexpensive, print-on-demand items which can be used as permanent reminders of Olympia‘s needs. These items are available from CafePress.com. They’re certain to start a conversation and make wonderful gift items.

Lastly, ‘The Point’ is a web service that allows small, independent ‘mini-campaigns’ for raising funds and awareness. Preserve.olympia has created a campaign which allows you to contribute as little or a much as you feel you can afford. Or, if you’d like to help by persuading others to help, you can point them to our ‘Save the USS Olympia’ campaign on ‘The Point.’ Each time the $1000 goal is met the money will be forwarded to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s USS Olympia Fund via preserve.olympia. Your credit card will not be charged by ‘The Point’ until the $1000 goal is met. You can withdraw from the campaign at any time before the goal is met.


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